Suzanne Ginsburg

Suzanne is an active member of the Bay Area literary community. She has worked out of the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto for several years, benefiting from the insights and support of its illustrious members. As a volunteer at 826 Valencia, the non-profit established by Dave Eggers, she has tutored high school students and helped edit two of their book projects: Exactly and Home Wasn’t Built in a Day. Suzanne studied creative non-fiction at Stanford University and the Tin House Summer Writer’s Workshop.


Leon Ginsburg

Leon Ginsburg is the subject of several books on World War II. Known as a child by his Hebrew name, Noike, Leon was the only child survivor from Maciejow, a shtetl of 5,000 in Eastern Poland (now part of the Ukraine). Leon was interviewed by Peter Jennings for his seminal book, The Century (Doubleday 1989) and by Jane Marks for her book, Hidden Children of the Holocaust (Ballantine 1993). More recently, his riveting story was written in its entirety by his daughter, Suzanne Ginsburg, under the title, Noike: a Memoir of Leon Ginsburg, (Avenger Books 2012).